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Upcoming Events

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Breakfast Get-Together

The PSSA will be hosting breakfasts on he 12th floor of the Hall building to check in with you! We want to make sure our students are happy and healthy. 

Coffee With Poli

We are working in close collaboration with the Political Science Department on events inviting past polisci graduates and political scientists for students to ask questions and learn more about the field. 

McGill & Concordia Collaboration

Our team is working on collaborating with the McGill political science student association for a little competition. Go to our social media for more information!

End of Year Gala

The team is working hard on hosting and year of year gala for our students to blow off some steam and celebrate another year filled with accomplishments.  

Do you have an event in mind?

If there is an event you want to see happen, please let us know! Contact us either through our social media or email us so we can put your plan in motion. 

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