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A Political Science degree gives students the theoretical knowledge in various fields such as in Canadian Politics or in International Relations. While this is useful, it isn't enough. Your PSSA opens your world up to meeting politicians, academics, and diplomats. Also, you will have the opportunity to have your articles published in journals. As well, becoming an executive of the PSSA or a Society will give you experience in running an organization.

No matter what year you are in, success at university is not about your academic success, but also about what extracurricular activity you do. 

If you have questions about the PSSA, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Your Executives

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Christopher Djesus Vaccarella


Ryan Mansour

VP  Student Life

Zakiyyah Boucaud

VP External

Marina Correia

VP Academic

Tharsiga Ganesamoorthy

VP  Finance

Juliette Weil

VP  Marketing

Madeleine "Maddi" Evans

VP  Internal