Student Resources

There is a wide-ranging set of services offered by many offices at Concordia University. The following list is a non-exhaustive list of important services that are free and accessible to all undergraduate students. Should you require assistance in finding the services you need, please get in touch with us and we would be more than pleased to help.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Financial Aid & Awards Office

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Government of Quebec Loans and Bursaries

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Concordia Student Union

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Academic Advising and Tutoring

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Academic Advising

Students of Concordia University can greatly benefit from academic advising. If you have any academic related issues, don’t hesitate to send them an email and ask for an appointment!

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Student Success Centre

Your support network from first-year to graduation. You’ll find one-on-one tutors, study groups and workshops, plus a friendly community of professionals, peers and faculty who want you to excel.

Writing Help

Concordia Writing Assistance Program: offers peer writing assistance programs: information here

  1. The Writing Assistance Program is a free service provided to all Concordia students who want to improve their writing skills or who need assistance with written assignments in English or in French.
  2. Writing Assistants work with students to help them clarify, develop and present their ideas in a written format that meets the requirements of their specific assignment. Through this process, students become more confident of their ideas and develop strategies that make them better writer.

Concordia Library Collections:

Advice for different writing types, assignments, and writing guides: link here

How to write a research paper: link here

Information on Academic proposals, annotated bibliography, application essays, book reviews, grammar and usage: information here

Citation and Style Guides: Information here


Each year, Student Learning Services facilitates over 200 free workshop sessions for Concordia students. They are an interactive way for you to learn study skills, develop skills you need to succeed at university.

Learning Support

Learning and Study Skill Specialists can help you with any questions or problems concerning learning and studying in your subject area or course, including reading, writing, note-taking, problem solving, oral presentations, preparing for and taking all types of exams, exam anxiety, math anxiety, time management, second language difficulties, learning strategies for engineering and math courses, as well as learning strategies for special conditions or situations.

We can give you individualized help and show you personalized learning strategies suited to your course and learning style. If you want to know the best way to handle your reading load, written assignments, problem-solving courses, oral presentations or any other type of academic task, make an appointment with one of our Learning Specialists. We are all teachers, so we know what teachers expect, and we know Concordia courses. We can help graduate students as well as undergraduates in any faculty.

Peer Tutors

The Dean of Students Office maintains a registry of tutors for various subjects.

Looking to become a tutor?

The Student Success Centre is always accepting new applications for students who would like to become a tutor.

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Professional Development

Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO)

The Concordia Student Union Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO) works to empower, educate and support the Concordia community by providing reliable housing and employment information, resources and referrals. We encourage a proactive approach towards finding adequate housing, part-time and summer employment.

HOJO is committed to helping all students access resources and providing legal information related to housing and employment. We offer a space for navigating issues like roommate conflicts, rental hearings at the Régie du logement and employer/employee disputes at the Commision des normes du travail.

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Political Science Coop Program

The Political science Co-op program is a great way to get work experiences as well as a strong resumé before completing your degree. The Co-op program requires that you complete 3 internships before graduating, and will assist you in finding those internships, which can be a hard task when done alone. In order to enter the program one must have a strong academic background, and must maintain a good academic standing during their studies at Concordia University.

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Student Rights and Advocacy

Legal Information Clinic

The Legal Information Clinic is a service provided by the CSU as of September 2007 to offer legal information and referrals to Concordia Undergraduate students. You must make an appointment to speak with a volunteer by e-mailing or by calling 514-848-7474 ext. 7375

Volunteer law students will provide you with legal information about: immigration law consumer protection (problems you may have with a business that provided you with a service and/or sold you something) discrimination We can also assist you in all other areas of law. We do not provide legal advice but can refer you to a lawyer if this is what you require.

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Student Advocacy Centre

The CSU Student Advocacy Centre is committed to the promotion and preservation of undergraduate students’ rights at Concordia University. Our efforts are aimed at helping students who find themselves in difficult situations by accurately identifying their needs and determining and executing the necessary course of action. Students can be assured the Centre functions under a strict policy of confidentiality and that all persons will be treated with dignity and respect.

Student Advocates are committed to the promotion and preservation of undergraduate students’ rights and interests at Concordia University. Advocates work at assisting students with student requests, issues relating to professors and other students, promoting student’s academic and extra-curricular interest on campus, working with members of the Concordia community on initiatives to advance those interests, issues relating to academic misconduct and violations of the Academic Code of Conduct, and issues relating to the Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

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Health and Counselling

Counseling and Development Centre

Stressed, anxious, relationship problems, in the wrong major? If these or any other issues are affecting your life or your studies counselling can help. Professional licensed psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors will collaborate with you to achieve psychological health, wellness and student success.

Personal Counselling

Feeling down or stressed from time to time is normal. Feeling sad or anxious for weeks is not. When these prolonged feelings impact your life and studies, personal counselling can help. Learn strategies to manage your symptoms, increase your understanding of what’s causing them and feel confident to make changes that will maintain a happier, healthier life.  Of course, speaking with a counsellor is always confidential.

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