Current Assembly

Winter 2016 Regular General Assembly

Proposed Chairperson Pro Tem: Jason Poirier Lavoie, President

Proposed Secretary Pro Tem: Farrah Lilia

Place of Assembly: 2149 MacKay, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 2J2

Date and Time of Assembly: March 14th, 2016 at 18H00

Live Update on Motions:

Orders of the Day:
To add an agenda item, please email

A brief recess will be taken for pizza at the chairs discretion.

1) Appointment of Chair and Secretary
2) Adoption of Parliamentary Authority
3) Adoption of Agenda
3) Executive Officer Reports
4) Accreditation Report
5) Tribunal Results Report
6) ASFA Restructuring Presentation
7) Bylaw Revision and Fee-Levy Presentation
8) General Elections Procedure
New Business
9) Business Arising
10) Adjournment

Assembly Attendee Docket:

Rules of Procedure

Accreditation Report:

Accreditation Certificate:

Proposed Bylaws:

Referendum Questions:

ASFA Restructering:

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