The 2016 election period was groundbreaking for the PSSA: 28 students contested 7 positions, and two referendum questions were presented to the membership. The result of this electoral cycle was thus an executive board constituted of members of two different slates, a new set of by-laws, and a fee levy of 1.60 per credit.

This fee levy, as of Fall 2016, applies to all students enrolled in a major, minor, or honours program in Political Science or Human Rights. This fee is automatically applied by Concordia’s account services to all students fitting the above Concordia, and then transferred for management by the PSSA.


In light of our efforts to make the financial proceedings of this Association as transparent as possible, we aim to publish semesterly expense reports, and an annual overall budget report on all expenses made by the outgoing executive team. Reports are posted here, while clarification and receipts can be sought for consultation at our office located at H-1208, 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest.