The Political Science Students Association is a student-run, non-profit organization that is accredited as the sole representatives of political science students at Concordia University. You will find in every department at Concordia, their respective student organization that works to fill the mandate given to them by their students.

Section II, Article 2 of the bylaws outlines the mandate of the PSSA as the following: the Association shall be to represent its Members, the undergraduate students of the Political Science Department at Concordia University; To defend their rights and promote their interests; To organize events that foster a spirit of community and solidarity among its membership; To provide services, opportunities and activities that develop the academic and professional skills of the Members; To promote, inform and engage students in political affairs and international relations; and provide a network for student to interact with the administration and professors.

To carry our this mission, a team of seven democratically elected students assume office and serve for a term of one year. As one of the largest organizations at Concordia, this is no easy task. We do this by advocating for the interests and rights of students at the Department and Faculty councils, by enacting meaningful change to the program through the Curriculum committee, and leveraging the Arts and Science Federation of Associations to mobilize change.

In addition to these projects, we organize several professional and academic development opportunities to prepare our members for graduate school or for future employment. Of course, our program would not be complete with community building and social activities to bring the students closer and making the undergraduate experience an unforgettable one.