Humans of the PSSA : Nora Molina, President

Our first Humans of the PSSA interview for the 2016-2017 school year!

“For me the biggest learning experience has been accepting change. University puts you in a peculiar situation where the things you assumed to be constants suddenly become variables, shifting like revolving doors. It is likely that you will change majors or minors. Your views on life and politics might jump from one end of the spectrum to the other, and wisdom lies in how you accept those changes. My advice is to be malleable, take the best from your environment and display it proudly as a mark of where you’ve been and the work you have put in to become the person you are today. Similarly, remain critical of what is influencing you and learn how to embrace adversity gracefully. You will change, and your degree should be both a testimony of your academic success and your personal self-improvement quest.”

“As for classes, my advice is caffeine and determination. You can never go wrong with that.”

Nora Molina, PSSA President 2016-2017 at Concordia University