Humans of the PSSA: April Tardif Levesque, Oversight Committee

Humans of the PSSA, post 2:

“A year ago I was at Concordia to meet up with my boyfriend, when I decided that’s where I want to be. I was back in CEGEP after about two years of being out of school to work full time.

Stuff had gone on in my family and personal life and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. During that time there was a certain emptiness, the 9 to 5 life wasn’t really fulfilling and I felt a sense of accomplishment just completely missing from my life, I was depressed.

One day I sat with my Mom and she was telling me how my stepdad, a Ph.D and now professor, had actually started out as a janitor full time after dropping out. She told me how he eased back into CEGEP part time in the evening and fell in love with a program and went to university in his mid-twenties and soared through it.

So I did the same, taking first two courses, then 3 for about a year or so. My R-score of a depressed 17.25 flew up to 27.696, and that final transcript is up on my wall as a testament that it’s never too late to go back and finish what you started…or in my case fix what I started.

I stood in front of Concordia and I felt an itch to take a step forward, into the rest of my life. I had gotten restless. So without telling a soul, I sent out an application for Mature Entry (another piece of advice: don’t tell anyone about things until they’re done, you’ll feel less disappointed if it doesn’t work out). I got my acceptance letter and was genuinely surprised.

Now, almost a semester in, I barely sleep, I’m drowning in deadline anxiety, I feel guilty for writing this and not my paper, and I feel like I’m truly happy in my misery. Baby steps, right?”

– April Tardif Levesque, member of the PSSA Oversight Committee and First Year Student Ambassador